Friday, June 15, 2018

Deanna Rose

We have not been to Deanna Rose in a long time.  But the girls put it on our summer fun list with the intention of going with my friend Jennifer and her kiddos.  We actually made that happen this morning.  Too bad I forgot my camera!  I was kicking myself when we got there.  It was too far to run home and get it.  Bummer.  So these pictures are from my crummy phone. 

My girls waiting for the littles to arrives. 

The twins took a bit to warm up to my girls.  We attempted them in this picture, but it didn't happen.  This is Stella their big sister.  She's 4. 

The kids had a great time playing in the garden and the boys realized my girls weren't so bad.  They enjoyed the attention! 

They liked holding Mallory's hands....Bronson is on the left and Marshall is on the right. 

Mallory was keeping an eye on the boys while Stella used the restroom.  She sat down to be at their level and they sat down with her.  It was adorable!  

Marshall really liked Mallory!  I love this picture of them! 

We had a great time!  There would have been a lot more pictures if I would have remembered my camera! 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

$1 Movie!

We decided to take it easy today and just head to a summer movie at Cinemark.  We saw Smurfs:  The Lost Village for $1 each.  The girls had seen it before at home.  I had never seen it.  I was expecting to be in one of the smaller theaters.  Nope.  We were in the big one!  It was a nice way to spend a hot afternoon. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Nelson & Kauffman Gardens

Today we went to the Nelson.  I thought I scored a great street-parking spot, to avoid paying the parking garage. More on that later. 

We had a lovely time.  The weather wasn't too hot today.  So we explored outside a bit. 

I love this picture of my 4 girls in the glass maze. 

Then we headed inside to see the things we like. 

Edee likes the Egyptian area.  But we walked by this room that I always loved as a kid first. 

Mallory likes the Chinese room, but it was closed for renovations.  My favorite is the impressionists.  I love this one.  And this picture cracks me up.  Edee is looking at the technology, not the beautiful painting behind her.  So I made her look up the details on this painting and then read them to me.  It wasn't really written for a 7 year old to read, but she did pretty good. 

Edee also likes this big Buddha. 

As we were leaving, I was commenting on how great it is that we just did all of that for free (because we didn't pay for parking).  Never again!  Because I came out to a parking ticket.  I was mad!  I parked in what I thought was a fine spot.  I know I've parked there before.  I parked in front of a no parking sign and didn't see another one further up.  And there were a ton of cars there.  So I didn't think there was one.  I guess I learned a lesson.  Just pay for the stupid parking garage!  :) 

Then we headed over to the Kauffman Gardens.  Edee wanted to "pet" some lamb's ear.  We found it almost immediately upon entering.  It really is soft. 

I love the way the inside area always changes.  Today's display was minimal, but very beautiful!

Edee had to feel the water too!

It was a nice day....except for that dang parking ticket! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Perfect Picking

Today we had perfect blueberry picking conditions.  We got there a bit after 9 and it was still overcast and almost cool.  When tried to stay away from the crowds in the blueberry patch, but only found green berries.  Once we followed the crowd, we realized how easy the picking was!  We practically only picked from 1 bush.  Seriously easy!  Too bad Edee was only into it for awhile.  I could have stayed a lot longer and got more blueberries.  But she was done. 

After we picked and got our blueberry muffins, I let the girls play on the hay bales. 

Great morning! 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Church Picnic

It was super hot at the church picnic today after church.  Here's Esme, Genni and Edee.  

The worst spot was the playground.  No breeze, no shade.  We didn't last there long. 
Here's Lucy, Genni, Esme, Edee and Mallory in the back. 

Mallory always finds the babies.  Here she is with Truman.  He was using her clothes to pull-up on.  That's her friend, Dagny, also hanging out with the babies.  

I was hoping for some softball and brought my glove.  But everyone stayed in the shade.  So it was washers, ladder golf, frisbee or catch that people played. 

Even with the heat, it was still a fun time.