Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas pageant

Today was the annual Children's Christmas Pageant at church.  Steve had to miss it.  He's in NYC through Wednesday for training at the Fed. 

Edee was an angel. 

Mallory was a reader and a shepherd. 

Here she is reading her part.  She did great! 

Then she had to be surprised.  Drama looks like it might be in her future. 

My angel...actually smiling. 

I think she knew I was taking her picture. 

She knew too...because she wasn't smiling before this. 

Singing Go Tell it on the Mountain. 

They did a great job!  It was cute! 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Sar-ko-Trails Park Lights

Since we'd already been bundled up today, we decided to bundle up again and head for a walk in Sar-ko-Trails park to see the Christmas lights.  They were beautiful!  And I think they added some more this year! 

We even managed a family selfie in the gazebo! 

Fun family time together!

Yule Log

My Girl Scout troops decorated yule logs again this year.  And until I think of another method for all 18 girls to participate in decorating 1 log, we're sticking with the pomping method.  We don't put the tissue paper into chicken wire, like we did in college.   We glue it to a piece of poster board that I drew the design on.  I then cut the design up, so groups of girls can work on smaller pieces.  When they're done, I have to put the puzzle back together.  This was Edee's troop's penguin.

Mallory's troop decided on Dribble the turtle from Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing, our book club book from October.  

Edee's troop met first at Antioch Park at 10:30 in the morning.  The wind was blowing and it was pretty cold.  Edee gets cold easily, so I put her in some snow pants for warmth.  Too bad I found the 5/6 pair that ended up as snow capris.  She's the purple in the middle of this picture. 

Here she is reading our 3rd clue. 

We found our log by the flag pole.  Here's the gang:

front: Cate, Riley, Charlotte, Edee, Ella, Addyson, Emily
back:  Taylor, Addison A, Natalie, Frankie, Kelsha, Rylan, Alex

There was a fire ban, so we couldn't put on log on the fire.  But the troop in charge still taught the girls some fire safety. 

So instead of s'mores with our hot chocolate, I made chocolate chip cookies!  Yum!

I think they love each other....Edee, Natalie, Addison A, Taylor, Frankie and Riley

I got to go home and warm up for awhile and eat lunch before heading back with Mallory.  Here are these girls:

front: Emily, Lauren H, Jayden, Kelsey, Ella
middle: Brooklyn, Ruby, Amy, Lyli, Morgan, Lauren S
back: Mallory, April, Zadie, Rylee

We found Dribble in the rose garden fountain.

 They got to practice putting the log into the fire.  Check out the paper flames. 

We had a little time to play before parents came to get the girls.  Here's Mallory with Ella. 

It was a fun day.  The fire was missed...some.  I didn't miss coming home smelling like smoke and having to wash all my outerwear. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Market Day!

4th graders at our school participate in Market Day.  They create a product (or service) that they can sell.  They could only spend $10 on supplies.  And they earned "brain bucks" throughout the semester that could be spent to purchase other's products.

Mallory created a Christmas Star Ornament out of cardboard and yarn.  They turned out really cute!  And my planner had a lot of this done over Thanksgiving break.  We were not scrambling like I heard a lot of other families were.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Military Care Packages

A dad of one of my daisies is deployed with the 35th Infantry Division of the Army National Guard in Kuwait. We decided to send some care packages and Christmas cheer to these men and women that don't get to be with their families at Christmas. The goodies were donated by the girls' families. Monetary donations and cookie money from last year is covering the shipping.

We put together 17 medium flat-rate shipping boxes.

A typical care package includes: 3 body washes, 5 hand sanitizers, about 7 protein bars, a package of hot chocolate, 5 small kleenex packages, a sandwich bag of a variety of candy, a box of candy, a word puzzle and a small package of nuts.

I still need to complete the custom forms and get them to the post office!  Proud of my girls!