Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Junior Mini Camp

We left St. Louis at 8am Sunday morning so we could get Mallory to her first Girl Scout overnight camp.  We did the Mother/Daughter camps there twice when she was younger.  Here's the links to those blog posts.

After kindergarten
After 1st grade

But this was her first time without me there.  Her friend Amy joined her.  We managed to get to Camp Daisy Hindman near Dover, KS on time.  It takes almost 1 1/2 hours to get there....west of Topeka.  Here they are at drop-off.

She only stayed 2 nights.  It was called a mini-camp to ease new campers in.  I'm sure she'll want to go a whole week next year.  Here she is at pick-up.  A little dirty and stinky.  But full of stories!  She had a great time!

This was their counselor, Pan (as in Peter Pan).

This was another counselor named Tink.

I really want her to give the update on the fun stuff that they did.  We'll see if I ever get her to write it.  Here's some things that they did.

Riding Horses
Splash Ground
Barn Party

They already earned 2 junior badges...Camper and Drawing.  So she's excited to get her junior vest and add them.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

St. Louis

We left Wednesday late afternoon to head to St. Louis for John's funeral.  The kids were super excited to see Garrett.  We told them we would get there around 8:30ish.  At 8:35 we received a text explaining that we were late.  I guess Garrett didn't understand the "ish."  We were late.  He said to his mom...."I don't think you understand how excited I am."  It was a good distraction from the sadness in the reason we were there.

Thursday we arrived at the funeral home for the wake/visitation at 3pm.  We had a family viewing until everyone else came at 4.  I wasn't sure what to expect with the girls' reactions.  But Garrett held Edee's hand and led her up there.  He explained to her that Grandpa wasn't really there.  He was in heaven.  It was super sweet.  Mallory just took it all in.  The scheduled time was until 9pm, but I expected to take the kids around 6 or 6:30.  They lasted until 7:30 and did great.  They watched some stuff on my phone.  But they were really good. There were a ton of people there and it was really nice to hear stories about John.  It was a lovely evening with memories and laughter.  Here are the kids after I took them home.  Super cute!

Friday was an early morning.  We had to be back at the funeral home at 8am.  They said some prayers and such before shutting the casket for the final time. Then the kids rode with Mary, Steve, Lori and Terri over to the church in a limo.  The funeral started at 9am, and it was lovely.  I'm not sure what started it, but when we left the church and they put the American flag on the casket...the kids lost it.  They were all balling.  Edee was hysterical, like having trouble breathing.  It was super sad.  But also a relief that they let it out.

We followed the funeral procession to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.  There was short service there including the folding of the flag, Taps and a 3 gun salute.  It, again, was lovely.

After that we headed back to the church for a lunch.  I intended to get some family pictures, but that never happened.  Instead I got these pictures of the kids after I took them home.  So cute!

The kids were excited for a full day of play on Saturday.  We headed to Sunset Hills Park for some much needed playtime.

That afternoon consisted of more playing, this time outside at Lori and Brian's house.  Brian chased the kids around the backyard.

Then he started chasing them with a remote controlled car.  It was really funny!

After dinner we loaded up and headed to Ted Drewe's.  Yum!

I really want to get the girls to tell me some memories of Grandpa, so I can record them here.  I don't want them to forget him.  I really don't remember my mom's dad, Pa Wayne.  And I'm pretty sure I was closer to Mallory's age when he died.  I do have a horrible memory, but still.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Second Kids Camp- Day # 3

After a trip to urgent care for what we thought was an ear infection in Edee's good ear, I stayed up too late.  It wasn't an ear infection, but swimmer's ear.  Drops should ease the pain.  But I stayed up way too late last night trying to pack, so we'd be ready to leave this afternoon for St. Louis.

Here's the pictures from today:

Edee played a Hot Lava game.

We had popsicles at water time!

Edee played a little game like Duck, Duck, Goose with water in a sponge.

And I played a lot of dodge sponge, so I didn't take many pictures at water time. And we left early to get on the road.  It was a good last day.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Second Kids Camp - Day #2

Today was fun, messy and a bit frustrating.  I felt like the Program Assistants from Heartland, who are suppose to get stuff ready for the groups, didn't do a great job.  I was running around all over the place turning on the water to the hose, setting up places to put the tie-dye, getting toilet paper.  It was frustrating.

The kids didn't notice....they still had a great time!  Here they are painting with their feet!

More slip-n-slide fun. 

My girls together.

Edee's first time doing archery.

Which was followed by a shaving cream war.

It was messy fun!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Second Kids Camp - Day #1

I volunteered to be a counselor again this year for Heartland's Traveling Day camp.  This is my 4th year.  I had Mallory in my group for 3 years.  This is the first year Edee could participate, so I had her in my group this year with my co-counselor, Shelby.

I was not ready for it this time around.  I was pretty sure I wouldn't be there the whole week, so I just didn't prepare myself like I did last year.  But we found out funeral details on Sunday, so I know I'm only here 3 days.  So we really tried to make the most of it.

Edee's group started Monday off with horses.  They were really excited!  Here's Harper with Edee.

Edee rode Geoff.

She needed a break during water time.

Sprinkler fun.

Edee trying out the water slide.

Edee, Hattie and Harper...friends from church.

The one time of day they can hang together.

Another camp favorite...4-square in the air. They did pretty good for short kiddos.

It was a fun day!