Friday, July 28, 2017

Neighborhood Girl Party

Today we invited over 3 neighborhood families for some slip-n-slide fun.  These 3 families all have girls going into 1st grade and are in my Girl Scout troop.  And they all have other sisters.  So it was a girl party....9 girls in total.

Mallory likes playing with the littles.  Here she is pushing one little sister on the swing.

After coming home from camp Wednesday night, Mallory was sick all day Thursday.  She puked quite a few times throughout the day.  Luckily she's feeling better today.  But she still didn't want to go headfirst down the slip-n-slide on the stomach.  She chilled at the bottom.

The girls...minus the smallest.

Edee going under Kinley's legs.

Little Lily had trouble running and going fast enough to make it to the bottom.  Edee gave her a pull this time.

Here's what our grass looks like now.  We moved the slip-n-slide after our picnic lunch.  So we have 2 worn spots.

It was a super fun day!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


We dropped Mallory off at camp on Sunday.  She ended up in a Trailblazer group of 13 boys!  One of the coolest differences about camp from when I was on staff to now is that they post pictures online for parents to see.  How cool is that!?!  So here are the pictures I downloaded of her time at camp.

Sunday--after we dropped her off.  

Monday--Making something in the craft lodge.

Swimming in the awesome new pool.


Water Olympics--relay relay with a sweatshirt

Relay with a watermelon covered in shortening.

Tuesday--Cooking her hotdog

Jenna, Mallory, Madeline and Kennedi

I got one picture Wednesday when I picked her up with her counselors.....Jenna & Grace.

She had a great time!  She knew a lot of the staff and volunteers.  So it was fun for her to see adults that she knew out there all week.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Branson Vacation - Saturday - Pool

My parents have the cottage through Sunday.  But Mallory is going to Heartland church camp Sunday.  So we decided we better take her home today.  But we don't need to leave right away.  So we headed to the pool first thing in the morning.

The slide was slow!

It was hot and started to get crowded, so we didn't last too long.  Steve, Mallory and I headed home in 2 cars after lunch.  Mallory decided to ride with Steve.  I wasn't too disappointed, because I had just got the soundtrack to Hamilton, the musical.  I wanted to listen to the whole thing.  And I did.  :)

Edee got to stay one more day with my parents.  They are taking her on the Branson Belle Showboat tomorrow.  It's a princess and pirate cruise.  Should be fun!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Branson Vacation - Friday - Table Rock Lake

Today we headed to the State Park Marina to rent a pontoon boat.

We went from cove to cove and stopped to swim. It was lovely.

The girls jumped in.

Every time Edee jumped, she screamed!  Silly girl.

It was a beautifully, hot day!

Mallory taking a break from the sun.

After resting in the afternoon, Mallory, Steve and I headed to Silver Dollar City.  My parents had passes for $10 after 5pm.  So Steve and I got in for $20!  It was great!  Edee actually fell asleep, so my parents stayed with her.  We left not knowing if they were going to meet us or not.

We rode quite a few rides, including Wildfire, another roller coaster Mallory had never ridden.  Then my mom texted that they were coming after all.  Edee wanted to ride some more rides.  So we met up with them.

Here's our family selfie before the swing ride.

It was getting close to fireworks time, 9 pm.  Mallory decided to head back with them.  Steve and I stayed to ride some more roller coasters.  We rode Outlaw Run, the only roller coaster Mallory didn't ride.  After riding it again, I think that was a wise choice.  It's a wild one.  Then we headed back to Powder Keg.  We were in line just before 9 pm.  We decided to try to ride while the fireworks were going off.  So we got in line for the first car.  And sure enough, we rode the roller coaster while the fireworks were going off.  It was amazing!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Branson Vacation - Thursday - Tracks

We headed to The Tracks before it got to hot today. Steve drove Edee around the standard track.  Mallory was tall enough and could reach the pedals this time.  So she drove alone.

I think she did pretty good, until she had to come into park.  I was prepared for the bump that came though.  :)

Bumper boats are a favorite.

Edee had her hand stamped to let employees know how tall she is.....too bad she smeared it all over her face!

Mallory was too nervous to drive on the big wooden track.  So she rode with me.  It was really fun having her there.  Edee rode with Steve again.

After that we headed to Inspiration Tower to check it out.  Too bad it was blocked off.  My mom had heard something about bankruptcy.  Who knows!  Instead we found a free lookout point.

Later in the afternoon, we dropped my mom off at Dixie Stampede to hold some good seats for them at the preshow.  We headed to the new Branson Coaster.  It's in the spot the Water Chutes use to be.  And it was so much fun!!!

Edee rode with me, and we had to use the brake.  It was fast!  But so smooth!  We all loved it!

Then we took them back to Dixie Stampede.  My mom had managed to get a front-row seat for the preshow.

Then here's their seats for the real show.

Steve and I had a date night.  We ended up at The Landing at Black Oak Grill.  It was delicious.  We watched a bit of the fountain show and then headed back to the Coaster.  If you ride it again on the same day, the cost is about half.  So we went back.  So did the others.  My mom rode it this time too.  She didn't brake at all!