Thursday, February 1, 2018

Daisy Fire Station Tour

Tonight I took my daisies on a fire station tour.  Too bad some serious sickness is going around school.  I only had half of my troop there!  But we still had a great time! 

We started inside and saw where they sleep and eat.  Then we headed out to the bay.  When we walked in, one of the fire fighters told us that if an alarm sounds when we're out there to meet in the back....away from the trucks.  Okay.  Sure.

The fire fighters were great!  They let the girls get in the truck! 

We got a picture on the front of the fire engine. 
Cutler, Riley, Rylan, Ella, Edee with Natalie in front of her, Frankie, Olivia's little brother, Olivia, Taylor and Addison A. 

After this picture one of the fire fighters was getting ready to show us what he looks like in his gear when the alarm sounded.  My girls went right for the spot the fire fighter told us earlier.  They were great!  Originally we thought it was just 1 truck going out.  Nope both of them went.  So we were left alone.  We were pretty much done with our tour anyway.  So we hung out in the bay a little and took a few more pictures before heading home.

Olivia, Natalie, Edee and Ella

Fun change of pace for my daisies. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Square Dancing on Kansas Day

As is tradition at our school, the 4th graders square dance to celebrate Kansas Day.  I was so disappointed that Edee was sick and I wasn't able to go and help (watch).  Luckily my friend was there with her camera.  And even better...her son was partners with Mallory. 

Group of 8:  Jayden & Isaiah, Lydia & Sang, Lauren S and Mason, Luke & Mallory

Here's Mallory and Luke.

Here are few pictures of Mallory and Luke from kindergarten.  We would carpool on the way home from morning kindergarten together.  This one we used our Book It pizza coupons for lunch. 

In this one he came over to our house for lunch. 

So cute! 

Edee's first Girl Scout overnight

So Edee finally got to go to her first Girl Scout overnight yesterday.  I swear every time I do this, that I'm going to ask for help next time.  And I never do!  It's a lot to plan food, activities, transportation, etc for 27 people!  Yep!  We had 16 girls and 11 moms!  I was actually a little nervous about having that many moms.  But it actually ended up great!  Whew!

I knew we needed to get a picture before we left otherwise there would be no evidence I was there.  

We had to draw names for which of the 16 girls got to sleep on the top bunk.  Edee's name was drawn.  She was excited to get the top!

Here's the whole gang!

front:  Rylan, Emily, Ella, Riley, Kennedy, Addyson, Addison
back:  Natalie, Cate, Olivia, Charlotte, Taylor, Frankie, Edee, Langley, Kelsha

We really lucked out with the weather!  It really is January 27th.  But it felt more like spring!  We had some teachers at the outdoor classroom.

Here they are in the treehouse.

I taught the girls how to play Gaga ball.  They weren't too interested. But we played a little, without anyone getting out.

Then we came upon the low ropes course.  We had 11 adults to watch 16 girls, so we let them play.

The girls loved this platform that was like a teeter-totter.  They kept running back and forth making it go up and down.

They girls also built some fairy houses.

This is the house that Edee built.

The weather cooperated for a s'mores fire with glow-stick necklaces.  

Edee cooking her marshmallows.

The girls had such a hard time falling asleep.  They tried really hard, but it just didn't happen.  Edee told me her throat hurt.  So did another girl.  Another had a headache.  A few had tummy aches.  They needed water, needed to pee.  They weren't talking.....they just couldn't sleep.  I'm sure it was the first time most of them had a sleepover.  Poor things were just sweet.  They were tossing and turning, really trying to fall asleep. 

But then they woke up at 5:45 in the morning!  Seriously all of them were out of bed by 6.  It was crazy!  We ate an early breakfast, had a dance party in the sleeping room, and got started on our Thinking Day craft by 9. 

We are learning about China and decided to make Chinese fans.  The girls got to paint whatever design they wanted to on the fans. 

Here are some of the fans drying.  I think they did a great job!  

Then we headed back to the playground for more play!  Too bad this time I noticed a "Do not enter without authorized personnel sign."  Oops!  What does "authorized personnel" mean?  Does that mean a Girl Scout employee?  If so....oops!  We broke the rules.  We decided it meant that kids couldn't play without supervision.  We were totally supervising them.  So we let them play again.  Not sure how we could have not let them play. 

We ate lunch at 11am and got ready to head home.  We were home by 1, which was an hour earlier than we planned.  The girls were just too tired to stay longer.  I think we gave them a full, fun overnight. 

When we got home, Edee was running a temperature.  Steve gave her some Tylenol and she headed off to take a nap. 

Monday her throat was worse, so she stayed home from school and I took her to the doctor.  She has strep!  But after 1 dose of antibiotics, she was already better. 

Too bad she wasn't the only one who got sick.  I've heard of 1 other strep, 1 with influenza B, 1 with fever, and 1 with fever and throwing up.  Whoa....5 of 16 girls sick!  I hope that's the end of it! 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mallory's Music Program

Today the 4th graders put on a music performance during school.  Each class played some instruments....boomwhackers, bucket drums, recorders, or bells.  Then the rest of the students sang vocals.  Mallory played a boomwhacker to the song Count on Me. 

Great job 4th graders! 

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Tonight was the annual Benninghoven bingo night.  It was not as well attended as in the past, but we still had a great time.  And the prizes and raffles were that makes it even more fun for the kids. 

Here are some 4th grade girls: Mallory, Jayden, Lauren & Madeline

Edee and Mallory hunting for numbers.