Monday, April 9, 2018

Spring Piano Recital

In preparation for the Federation Festival, a judged piano performance, her teacher scheduled a piano recital.  She had to have 2 pieces memorized.  She played:

Swiss Music Box, Op. 101, No. 64 by Ferdinand Beyer
Hot Chili Peppers by Catherine Rollin


Edee had her final 1st grade field trip today to Legoland.  They only allowed 4 adults per class, but I got to go!  I think other classes drew names, but I'm not sure that's what Mrs. Hall did.  :) 

The started with a spinning tops STEM workshop.  Too bad the employee in charge just had them build the top and gadget to make it spin.  There was no science or engineering explained.  It could have been better.  But the kids still had fun! 

Then we just got to explore.  I had 5 girls in my group, 4 of which are my Girl it was great!  Here's Edee, Cate, Rylan, Olivia and Avalin. 

Rylan, Edee and Cate building a house.

Edee on one of the 2 rides there.  She rode with me! 

I rode with these 3, plus Ty was next to me.  I really just wanted a picture of them on the ride.  But I ended up getting their scores.  I killed the 1st graders.....3,865 to the next was Ty with 1,485.  Edee got 1,160. 

This was a fun ninja area where you had to touch a certain color the fastest. 

The 4D cinema was fun too!  The ninja story was hard to follow & weird, but the special effects were cool.  They sprayed us with water, it snowed, wind blew and there was the 3D movie.  It was pretty neat! 

Edee likes watching Lego Friends on Netflix. 

I really liked the mini KC built from Legos.  The kids weren't that interested, but I could have spent more time in there.  Here's Edee with Liberty Memorial and Union Station. 

It was a super fun field trip!  Glad I was able to go! 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Thinking Day

For Girl Scout Thinking Day this year, we had an international festival.  My first graders had a booth for the first time and we selected China.  Here's Ella, Emily and Kelsha at the flag ceremony. 

My Juniors did France.  This was the first year they did all of the research and teaching.  Here's Mallory, April & Emily.

Mallory, always so well-spoken, told everyone about what we were selling at our booth. 

Here's our board for France.

I made French macarons.  My first attempt ended up in the trash can.  This was my second attempt.  They sold like hotcakes!  I should have raised the price on them.  They were gone within 10 minutes! 

We also made window clings from puffy paint.  I think they turned out really cute! 

I also made panda cupcakes for China.  These were delicious! 

Here's the China board and the Chinese fans we made. 

Edee spent some of her money on a snack!

My daisies are cute!  Kelsha, Charlottte, Edee & Riley

Frankie joined in behind.

I was too busy running 2 booths to remember to get a group picture.  So bummed about that!  Next year....I won't forget.  :)

Thursday, April 5, 2018

1st Grade Program

Edee had her first grade music program this evening.  She danced to Wipeout.  She played sticks on Shake the Papaya Down.  She sang Baby Shark, Baby Beluga and this song...Sandy, Sandy Sand.

These sweet girls look like they planned their outfits.  This is Cate, Rylan and Edee. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter in St. Louis

The girls had Friday and Monday off surrounding Easter weekend, so we decided to head to St. Louis.  We wanted to take our bikes on the new bike rack we got last week.  But after looking at the weather, we decided against it.  The only nice day was Friday. 

So we shot off some rockets on Friday.  The grass was still really soggy from all the rain they had last week, so we didn't shoot off many. 

Then the kids wanted to play on the exercise equipment.  Okay. 

Saturday was dreary.  It rained on and off all day.  So we stayed inside and played.  These 2 were on a team for Apples to Apples Jr.  I love this look Edee is giving Garrett. 

Aunt Lori taught Mallory how to play Speed.  I played her later and didn't hold back.  She almost beat me!  She catches on quick! 

Mallory taught Grandma and Aunt Lori the game my Grandma plays.  I really don't know the name for it! 

Easter Sunday was COLD!  But I bought the girls some really cute Easter dresses at Costco.  Yes, you read that right.  I got them at Costco.  They were under $20 and super cute! 

And we managed to get a cute picture of our little family. 

Here's Grandma with the grandkids. 

The kids race Anki drive. 

The Easter bunny left clues on where to find their Easter baskets.  It was super fun!  The kids were having a blast! 

They found their baskets! 

And got a lot of loot! 

We enjoyed Sunday brunch after church and then Easter dinner that evening.  Everything was great, except for the weather.  It started sleeting in the evening.  The cars were covered in ice and needed scraped before anyone left.  But luckily we didn't plan on going home until Monday.  The weather was dreary today as well with a little rain.  And we passed at least 20 cars off the road from Sunday.  Thankful we weren't in that mess! 

Hope everyone had a happy Easter!