Thursday, May 31, 2012


Today we made our first big field trip of the summer. We went to Shatto Milk Company.  For those of you unfamiliar with Shatto, they are a local family owned dairy farm north of KC.  My friend, Renee, organized a field trip to have a tour of the farm.  Very cool.  Thanks Renee! 

Ian got to ride in the backseat of our van with Mallory.  Renee watches 2 kiddos a couple days a week and can't fit 4 kids in her car.  So we got Ian.  Mallory and Ian played and talked.  It was funny to listen in.  They kept each other entertained.  I think Ian only asked once "Are we there yet?"  Well....maybe twice. 

Once we arrived, our first stop was the country store where we waited for the tour to start. 

They had an old fashion counter with fun stools. 
The tour started with the bottling process.  They bottle all their milk in glass jars.  I always love the automation of bottling.  Beer or's just cool to me. 

Shatoo refurbished an old milk truck.  Edee wouldn't let me put her down to get a picture.  She screamed.  Not sure what was so scary about the truck. 
Then we went for a tasting of their milk.  They have many unique flavors of milk:  orange cream, strawberry, banana, root beer, cotton candy, chocolate.  We got to try all of them.  I'm really not sure which one was my favorite.  They were all good.  Seriously.  The orange cream tasted like a orange creamcicle.  The root beer didn't even taste like milk.  All yummy!  Mallory still liked chocolate. 

Next it was off the milking line.  They machine milk 12 cows at once.  It takes them about 8 hours to milk the 400 cows they have.  Each cow gets milked twice a day.

Then it was off to hand-milk a cow and see the calves.  Here's Mallory taking her turn at milking.  The only calves they keep at the farm are girls.  Makes sense.....just never thought about it. 
I had no problems getting Edee to pose in front of the sign. 

Here's the gang.  Ian, Talynn, Mallory, Edee, Jaden & Erik.  (T & J are the kiddos Renee watches)

Then we had a picnic lunch before coming home.  Rain clouds threatened the whole morning.  It sprinkled a tiny bit as we were leaving and little on the way home.  Never enough to even turn on the wipers.  Yeah!  I was worried it was going to be a soggy, wet morning. 

Edee didn't even fall asleep on the hour 20 minute ride home.  Fine by me.  She's in her crib sleeping away now.  What a fun morning! 

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