Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I can't believe it's still May and we've already made our first trip to the swimming pool for the season.  Here are the girls at home before we left.  Edee is wearing a Winnie the Pooh swimsuit.  She calls him "Poop."  Not sure if I've mentioned that here or not.  Mallory thinks it's hysterical and gets Edee to say it as often as she can.  Of course, it was said many times before we left the house.  :)

As Papa is retired, he got a pool pass this summer as well.  So he met us there.  It was nice.  I never had to get in that deep!  Amazingly enough, it wasn't too cold. 
The big dump bucket isn't working, which is a big plus for Mallory.  She doesn't like that much water dumping on her.  And it also dumps right on the end of this green slide.  So last summer she wouldn't go on this slide.  But with the bucket broken, she did this slide a lot. 

Here's Mallory in front of the playground.  She loves this place.  She's actually the perfect age this summer.  Too bad it's going to be a chore to keep Edee entertained while Mallory slides. 

Edee didn't love the pool this morning.  She was a little wobbly on her feet and fell as soon as she stepped in the water.  Then she wanted to me hold her a lot.  Hopefully this is still just a little leftover sickness stuff.  Otherwise, it's going to be a long summer. 

Speaking of sickness....Edee is doing much better!  She is still taking 2 naps a day, which is weird and kind of hard to get use to again.  She's starting to eat better.  Today she's been laughing a lot, which is great to see. 

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