Monday, June 18, 2012

21 Months

Edee was 21 months old yesterday.  So here's the update.....

  • The biggest change in Edee over the last month is speech.  She's not just saying words, she's really starting to communicate.  She says please when she wants something.  She's putting words together in short sentences.  Yesterday she said...."I need you, Mommy."  
  • Edee loves to be a princess.  She finds a wand (Mallory has a lot of them) and waves it around.  She'll say "Princess me"  or sometimes "Princess Edee."   It's sweet. 
  • After going to the doctor way too much the end of May, she's been healthy lately. I'm knocking on wood right now.  
  • She still throws fits, but it hasn't been as frequent lately.  Maybe some of it was related to her being sick.  She does continue to scream to get what she wants.  But we're working on using words.  She's getting better at that too.
  • Since the update last month, she hasn't tried to get out of her crib.  Yeah!  
  • Food continues to be a struggle.  When she's hungry, she wants to eat immediately.  BUT.....she's picky.  She spits out most meat.  We have a few standbys.  But it bothers me to have a kid that eats hotdogs and grilled cheese a lot.  Hopefully she'll grow out of that soon.  
  • Yesterday she said she needed to go potty.  We have a small potty and the potty seat on the big toilet.  She said "big potty", so I put her on the toilet.  Sure enough she went pee.  Not sure if she really knew or if it was a coincidence.  But she was very proud of herself.  She said "big girl potty!"  :-)

These pictures were taken last week right before my camera broke.  In the first one, she is playing one of her favorite around peek-a-boo.  She's laughing at Papa who is playing with her.  

She has the apron on because we made the best blueberry muffins from the fresh blueberries we picked. I found a new recipe.  Yummy!  It was a struggle to let Edee help.  She wanted to mess with everything.  I don't remember Mallory being such a challenge to control when "helping". 

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