Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day at the "K"

My mom got 4 free tickets to the Royals game today.  And then managed to buy 4 more right in front of the ones she got for free.  So the whole gang headed out the K today.  It rained some as we were leaving our house.  But it never rained again until the drive home.  Amazing!

We ate some sandwiches in the parking lot before heading in early.  

Sunday's are Family Fun Day, which means face painters, caricature and balloon artists.....all free!  Here's Edee with her pink teddy bear holding a heart.  She loved it!  Too bad pieces of it kept popping throughout the game.

Mallory missed the face painters at the kite event we went to awhile back.  So she headed to that line immediately.  She got a really neat butterfly over one eye.

 Mallory got her caricature done around Christmas, so we decided to get one of Edee.  I held her while the woman worked. 

Edee was very serious.  Here's the final product.  Even with the serious expression, I think it's cute.  I also love the way the artist included a balloon.  :) 

Just a smiley picture of Edee with Nana.

It was also K-State Day at the K.  There were lots of fans wearing purple.  And Willie the Wildcat was there too! 

Mallory really wanted to ride the giraffe.  And she got her wish.  Uncle Brian got to ride with her.  Papa was going to ride with Edee, but she freaked out.  So she didn't ride.  She rode and enjoyed the carousel at Grant's Farm in STL.  I think this was just too close to nap time.  

Here's a family picture in front of the fountains.

Mallory made a baseball card that was e-mailed to me.  Pretty fun!  Next time I think I want one too!  :)

Here's a better look at the finished butterfly. 

Edee got her first taste of cotton candy.  Of course she liked it! 

Here's the view from our seats.  Pretty awesome!  We've pretty much been in the cheap seats lately, so this was a treat. 
Edee does this funny thing when she gets excited.  It's really better for a video (I'll have to get one sometime).  Anyway, still makes a cute picture. 

Here's Papa with the girls. 
Uncle Brian and Aunt Tina played with Edee too.  She was not lacking for attention during the game at all. 

Edee loved taking off Steve's hat and putting it on her own head.  Check out that smile! 

Edee never managed to take a nap.  But she was great for the whole game, which we stayed for.  The Royals won 2-0.  Yeah!  Because she didn't nap, we didn't stay to let Mallory run the bases.  I'm sure she'll get to do it sometime.  :)  Edee did manage to fall asleep before we got out of the parking lot. 

The day couldn't have been more perfect.  The rain stayed away.  It was overcast.  It wasn't hot.  The Royals won.  The girls had fun.  What a fun day!  Thanks again Nana and Papa! 

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