Thursday, June 28, 2012


I hate when Edee gets a fever.  In my opinion, it just gets too high.  And she is just so miserable.  Can you imagine having a temperature of 103 on what I think has been the hottest day of the year!?!  Sounds horrible to me.  As far as I can remember, she has never had a fever without some illness that requires antibiotics (ear infection, UTI).  So I just took her in today.....even though it hadn't been that long.  Her ears were fine today.  But her throat was all red and they did strep test on her.  It came back negative.  So it's a virus and no antibiotics.  Good.  But I'm just worried I went too early.  If this fever doesn't get better by Saturday the doctor said to bring her back.  I hope our luck turns around.  But I have a feeling we'll be going back with her. 

She's been asleep for a bit, but she's already up crying.  It's going to be a long night. 

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