Saturday, June 2, 2012

Old Shawnee Days Parade

Friday night BOTH girls stayed the night at my parents' house! This was Edee's first time and she did great! She was upset when Steve and I left. But she calmed down and was fine the rest of the time. It did take her awhile to fall asleep. But according to Nana, no tears were shed. She was just talking and singing to herself. Yeah! Steve and I enjoyed a date to the Bristol. Our dinner was incredible! Seriously yummy! Then we swung by Cheesecake Factory and picked up dessert to go. We had a lovely evening. It was really weird coming home and not having to worry about the garage door waking up the girls. Strange. But it was a very nice break. Thanks Nana and Papa.

Then Saturday morning I met them at the parade. Steve had some projects to work on at home, so he didn't go.  It was super sunny, so here was the set up.  We actually had another umbrella that Mallory and I took turns being under.  
One church (I don't remember which one....there were so many advertising VBS) gave out ice pops.  Seriously perfect for a sunny, warm day. 

Edee finally got the hang of waving to people in the parade.  This was literally one of the last groups that walked by. 

My parents brought the wagon with all the stuff in it.  Here's Edee getting a ride back to the car. 

What a fun morning! 

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