Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pools & Park

Monday morning we headed to the pool. I took a couple cute pictures before we left of the girls in their suits.

Edee had a lot more fun at the pool this time around.  Thank goodness.  

Tuesday morning we headed to Black Hoof Park.  Mallory had her end of preschool picnic there the end of May.  But it was when Edee was sick, so I didn't get to go (Papa took Mallory).  So we headed there to try it out this morning.  The park is right next to Lake Lenexa.  It was very pretty. 

Edee walked park of the path around the lake. 

The playground area is really neat.  Here are some toadstools to play on. 
The girls were all smiles.

Edee fell asleep on the way home.  I transferred her to the crib successfully, but this was before lunch.  So she only slept about 35 minutes.  Argh.  So after lunch we decided to try out the "library" pool (as Mallory calls it).  Here's the girls before we left.  Check out the goofy look on Mallory's face. 

We started off in the baby area.  Mallory still enjoyed it.  I was worried she would get bored quick.

Since Papa met us there, Mallory got to ride the big tube slide.  She's still too short to ride alone, but she can ride with someone.  They rode in a double inter-tube.  Too bad on the last turn, they couldn't stay on.  So here's the picture I got of them coming down.  They are both underwater!  Their inter-tube came down behind them.  Mallory said she would have loved it....if they didn't fall off.  Needless to say, they didn't ride again.  
Mallory did get to enjoy the lazy river.  We never did it last year, because I couldn't hold 2 kiddos.  Now that Papa is retired, he can help out.  Edee and I went around twice, but it was just too busy for her.  Mallory loved it!  I think it's her new favorite thing at the pool.  She's on the tube there in the middle. 

We only stayed a little over an hour or so.  I wanted to try to get Edee to take another nap.  Of course she didn't. 

We purposely had a low-key morning to try to get her down for a decent nap.  She's in there now, but she's playing.  I hate nap time around here!  Mallory won't stay in her room and rest.  And Edee either falls asleep in the van or she takes forever to fall asleep in her crib.  We'll see how long it takes today. 

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