Friday, June 22, 2012

Swim Lessons

Edee finished her first swim lesson session today.  I guess it went okay.  She was just a handful.  There were only 3 pairs in our class and Edee was the youngest.  Each day she cried.  Some days it was worse than others.  But she did well with the swimming, when she wanted to. 

She was really good at laying on her back with her head on my shoulder.  She also did really good with a kickboard.  She was facing away from me and I just balanced her a bit.  Then she would kick her legs (both at the same time).  I also took her underwater 1 time in each class.  She cried each time, but she recovered quicker each day.  I never really could get her to blow bubbles.  She use to do it all the time in the bathtub.  Not sure what's up with that. 

During class today she was a bear.  She actually said "nap" in the middle of class.  I guess she was tired.  And sure enough, she's been asleep for over 2 1/2 hours now.  She even looks tired in this picture.  We were waiting for Mallory under a red awning. 

Mallory's swim lessons have been at the same time.  She's the oldest in her pre-school class.  And she is by far the best swimmer.  There was mention of moving her up to a different class, but she's staying put.  Her class is small too.  So the teacher can work with her on more advanced stuff than the other kids anyway.  She is getting better.  She still has 3 more lessons next week.  I'm excited to get to watch some since I haven't got to this week. 

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