Monday, June 18, 2012

VBS Wrap Up

VBS was a great time last week.  Here are a couple pictures I took of Mallory.  The first one she is dancing to one of the songs.  Obviously she isn't singing.  But she's really doing those actions!

In this picture they were playing a game outside on the lawn.  I just love the true smiles when I get them. 

Families were invited for the final night of VBS. We ate dinner, watched a slide show I created, and then the kids sang a few songs. The VBS kids weren't really performing, so when Edee wanted to join in.....we let her.  She went right up with the big kids.  She actually didn't start dancing until about 30 seconds or so into the song.  Then she had the whole middle spot all to herself.  Here is the last portion of the song.  Check out her final arabesque with her hands on the floor.  I almost died laughing.  The pastor's wife commented on her dancing.  But I'm not sure too many other people saw her in the middle of all the bigger kids. 

BTW....Mallory is on the right wearing a green shirt. 

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