Saturday, July 21, 2012

7 Little Girls!

My girlfriends (and sorority sisters) from college get together on occasion.  Tonight we went to Emily and Brian's house for dinner....hubbies and kiddos included.  I was really looking forward to getting our 7 little girls together. Between Emily, Erin and I we have 7 girls. Jana just celebrated her 1 year anniversary, so no kiddos yet.  I hope we didn't scare them too much.  It was a little crazy with 7 girls running around. But they were great sports.  :)  

Here's the 3 littlest ones.  The way their birthdays fall, they could all end up being in the same grade.
Edee in September, Annabelle in April, and Rebekah in June. 

Here's the whole gang.....Lydia, Grace, Annabelle, Rebekah, Hannah, Mallory & Edee

It was fun to catch up and let the kids play.

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Mo said...

Love to see these pictures, Courtney! It's so nice you all get together. What fun it must be to watch your girls all play together, too.