Monday, July 9, 2012

All Star Week in KC

Things are exciting in KC right now.  My connection to all the hoopla is my brother, Chase, and Biking for Baseball (B4B).  They arrived yesterday afternoon directly to Kauffman Stadium from St. Louis. 

First about their time in St. Louis......they had some exciting stuff happen while they were there.  They got to go on the field and throw the first pitch at the game on Friday night.  This was a very special game to Cardinal's fans, because they gave away replica 2011 World Series rings.  The place was packed and they had standing room only tickets.  My dad made the drive to STL and got a ring as well.  He gave his to Steve, which is awesome.  Some of the other guys sold their rings for $50.  

A random Cardinal fan that they "met" through Twitter sent them this picture after the game.  Great picture and super nice of her!  

They even got to meet the Cardinals GM, John Mozeliak, before the first pitch.  He's from Boulder, CO and went to the same high school as one of the B4Bers.  

Their event on Saturday morning was with the Boys and Girls Club.  Redbird, the Cardinal's mascot, even came to the event for a bit.  It was 105+ degrees and he stayed for 20 minutes.  I guess he even played the pickle drill that they do with the kids.  What a great sport!  

Then they booked it to KC for the All Star festivities.  A woman from my church, Marcy, gave the guys 4 tickets to the Futures Game / All -Star Legends and Celebrity Softball game.  I am so happy that I was able to connect them with the free tickets.  Can you tell they were excited!?!

They made it to KC in time for the games.  Sounds like they had a great time.  They sent tweets out during the game with pictures and things.  One of their pictures was found by KC Mayor Sly James.  He took a picture that Chase and B4B posted via twitter and has it on his website.  Check it out here

This morning Chase didn't have anything on his schedule related to B4B, so he came over to play with the girls.  Mallory was so excited!  She couldn't stop talking.  Both girls were excited to see their Uncle Chase! 

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