Monday, July 16, 2012

B4B Awesome Media Coverage

Chase and the other B4B riding buddies had a busy week in KC.  They were on 3 of the 4 local news channels.  They were also on during the TV broadcast of the Royals game.  And had an article in the Star.  Amazing!  

KCTV5 had a live interview on Tuesday morning from the red carpet before the All Star parade.  I can't find a link to it.  But they did have a link to the B4B pictures that ran during part of the interview.  This is the station that has been following the whole trip.  Once a week (I'm not sure which day) they give a quick update during the morning show. 

On Wednesday KSHB41 ran a short interview with them that I also can't find online.

The Fox 4 news story ran on Friday evening. 

They got to do an in game feature with Joel Goldberg at the Royals game on Friday evening.  He actually talked to them for quite awhile.  Very cool. 

I couldn't find the KC Star article online.  It was in Saturday's paper.  But this is a picture of the hard copy that the B4B guys tweeted.

The guys left Saturday to head to Minneapolis.  Along the way they got some coverage on a Des Moines news station.  This picture is the TV spot lead-in.  "Are they crazy?"  :) 

I really hope all of this keeps up.  Maybe they'll get some national television coverage soon.  Here's hoping.

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