Friday, July 13, 2012

B4B Clinic & Game

The Biking for Baseball clinic in KC was held on Thursday evening with the Big Brother Big Sisters organization. There weren't a lot of big/little combos there. But the ones that were there seemed to have a great time.  While the clinic portion of the event was going on, Mallory and Edee got to play on the playground.

Papa did some soft-toss with Mallory.  She says she was practicing so she could play in the real game. 

Edee was constantly running away from the ball field to go over to the playground.

After the clinic portion, Mallory decided she wanted to play in the game.  Because there weren't a ton of people, she got to play with Deanna's help.  Thanks Deanna for helping her! 

Here they are in the field. 

Here they are up to bat. 

They got a hit.  Check out that smile of my little base runner.

She doesn't know the rules, so an adult needed to run with her.  Deanna was up to bat, so I got the duty of running with Mallory.  Too bad she fell between first and second and skinned her knees.  She cried, but kept playing.

My aunt Sara brought her snow cone machine.  Edee enjoyed the ice without any of the flavor on it.  It actually kept her off the playground and by the ball field for awhile. 

Mallory got another hit.  Check her out running the bases. 

Looks like she's getting a little coaching from Deanna.

Good game. 

Here's the gang that played.

They gave the kiddos tickets to the Friday night Royals game for attending their clinic.  One little boy had his snow cone in 1 hand and his tickets in the other.  It was like he won the lottery....he was so excited!  It was adorable!

Mallory had so much fun playing I'm considering enrolling her in a t-ball clinic this fall.  It's only 4 weeks, similar to the soccer clinic she had earlier this year.  

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