Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Edee at 22 Months

Today I have just a couple of items to note as Edee is 22 months. 
  • Her speech continues to flourish.  She surprises me daily with words that I didn't know she knew.  It's fun!  
  • She wants to eat all the time.  She constantly says "I hungry!"   I made a double batch of lasagne the other night.  Luckily the kid loves it! 
  • Sunday night I went to Starlight with my girlfriends.  As I was leaving Edee said, "be careful."  It was super sweet.   
  • Occasionally, she walks down the steps instead of going backwards on her tummy.  
  • Yesterday at the pool, she was so independent.  She climbed up the rope ladder and then went down the slide.  Normally I put her at the top of the slide.  She climbed up and went down at least 10 times in a row.  She loved it.  I was running all over the place, spotting her on the rope ladder and then getting to the bottom of the slide. 

Sorry no pictures.  The camera is broken and will cost over $200 to fix.  So I've been in contact with Canon to buy a new camera body through a loyalty program.  Too bad they are out of the model I want (and I've called multiple times).  I am considering upgrading even more.  Because if I bought the out of stock one in a store, it would cost the same price as the super upgrade through Canon.  

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