Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saturday fun

Saturday Chase and crew took off for Minneapolis.  Mallory got to go show Deanna and her family some KC sights. First stop was Union Station. Then they look the Link over to Crown Center. They got to enjoy lunch at Fritz's.  Can you tell Mallory liked Logan!?!?

Then Steve, Edee and I met up with them at my aunt Jan's pool.  We brought this floaty for Logan, but Edee enjoyed it much more than he did.  

Logan didn't mind the ride on Aunt least for a bit. 

Mallory enjoyed shooting everyone with the water gun. 

We hosted everyone for dinner at our house.  It was a little crazy with 9 adults and 3 kiddos.  Luckily everyone (kids included) at the lasagne I made.  It was a fun night.

Everyone left on Sunday.  Now the girls keep talking about Logan.  I think they miss him. 

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