Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sun & Bowling

Yesterday at the pool we ran into Mallory's best bud from Children's Day Out....back when they were 2 years old!  They acted like they were still best of friends.  Hugs, holding hands, playing great together.  It was cute!  So of course she wasn't ready to leave when Edee was.  So Papa stayed with her.  Too bad they stayed a little too long and this is what she looked like after her shower last night.  Luckily she hasn't complained about it. 

Because of the little burn, we decided to have some inside fun this morning.  We headed to the bowling alley for bumper bowling.  $3 for a game and shoes is not a bad deal.  Mallory's friend Molly got to come along. 

Here's the score.  Both girls managed a 58.  Amazing that they scored exactly the same.  I managed a 138 without a single strike.  I had spares in the first 5 frames.  Too bad my throw after the 10th frame spare resulted in knocking down 1 pin.  I think I was trying too hard!  :)  That's the best game I've bowled in a long time. 

They weren't quite ready to finish after 1 game.  So they shared 1 more game and scored higher together.  Edee got to roll 1 ball, with my help.  Next time she might be ready to do it herself.  :) 

Here's the bowling girls.  Mallory looks like a giant next to Molly.  Molly is only 1 month younger than Mallory.  I guess I better get use to it, since she'll be the oldest in kindergarten next year. 

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