Sunday, July 29, 2012

Visitors Day 2 (part 1): Antioch Park

After a yummy breakfast this morning, we headed to Antioch Park for some fun.  It was pleasant in the shade when we arrived before 10am.  Here's a sweet picture of Edee. 

Garrett needed a little convincing to go down the big slide.  So Lori when along.  Look at Mallory checking them out. 

This might be my new favorite picture of Steve and Edee.  They are in the saloon.  (Really, they don't have a a saloon in Dodge Town, but they should!) 

The kiddos were in the Dodge Town Hall for these pictures. Aren't they cute!?!? 

Mallory forging ahead on the stepping stones. 

By this time, the kiddos were a bit warm. Check out the sweaty hair and pink cheeks.  But I still love this picture! 

We came back home for lunch and naps.  It took Edee awhile to fall asleep, but her and Garrett are sleeping nicely now.  Next stop.....the aquarium!

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