Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Visitors Day 2 (part 2) - Aquarium

After naps on Sunday, we headed to Crown Center to visit the new Sea Life Aquarium.

The Touch Pool was neat.  But everything was tiny.  At the touch pond in Maui, the sea stars were quite a bit bigger.  Probably shouldn't compare an aquarium in Hawaii to one in Missouri.  It's not really fair.

They did have a video camera in the Touch Pool and Edee just happened to be looking right into it.  Kind of funny to see her on the screen. 

With help, Edee did get to touch at least 1 thing.

They had a lot of domes in fish tanks that were really neat.  Here's Garrett and Mallory in one together.  Can you tell Mallory is enjoying herself!?! 

In order for Edee to be up high enough, I had to hold her up.  Too bad Mallory wanted to be in there too.  There really wasn't enough room. 

This was a tunnel with the fish tank above them.

This observation area was above Stringray Bay.  It felt like Edee was trying to jump out of my arms into the tank. 

This eel was in the stingray tank too.  He looked pretty big. 

They had another viewing dome in with the stingrays.  If you look off to the back left in the picture, you can see a stingray. 

At the end they had a kids play area.  Too bad I read nowhere that they need socks.  Luckily Aunt Lori had an extra pair of Garrett's for Mallory.  So all 3 kiddos got to play and slide.  Edee did really well in with all the bigger kids.  (If you go....be sure your kiddos have socks!) 

We didn't buy their family picture.  Why bother when we have a nice camera and Uncle Brian willing to take the picture.

Here's my critique of the aquarium....for those curious.  All the exhibits were neat.  We especially enjoyed the domes to feel like you're in the aquarium with the fish.  BUT it is poorly organized.  We took the stroller for Edee.  But there really isn't enough room for it.  Most exhibits are fairly cramped.  I don't even think it was that crowded.  One hallway in particular only had room for the stroller and maybe 1 person next to it.  Very small.  If it was more opened up, it would have been a lot better.

Another complain is the restroom.  As far as I know, there is only 1 in the place and it's towards the beginning.  If you have to go and you're towards the end, you'd have to squeeze through the traffic that is all going in the opposite direction.  It doesn't say that the aquarium is one-way, but it pretty much is.  We assumed there would be one at the end in the store they make you go through (like Disney World), but there wasn't.  We could go back through all the exhibits to the one in the aquarium.  Seriously!?!

We still had fun....but they could have used my help in designing the layout.  :)

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