Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wedding in Illinois

Steve's cousin's daughter got married on Friday in Quincy, Illinois. We were suppose to go as a family. But Steve couldn't get away from work. We knew this was a possibility, but nothing became definite until the Tuesday. Then I had about 24 hours to decide if I was going to take the girls without him. I finally decided to just do it. The girls seem to do better without an adult in the back of the van with them anyway. So we left Thursday morning around 10:30 for the 4 hour drive to Quincy.

The drive wasn't bad at all.  The girls were really good.  Hwy 36 in northern Missouri is a wonderful traffic, no billboards, not straight/boring.  It was so much nicer than I-70 in MO.  Seriously!  I was well prepared.  The girls had books/toys/snacks/drinks all easily accessible and we only stopped once. 

First thing we did after unloading the van was go swimming in our hotel pool.  Mallory loved it!  Then I decided to venture out and find a local restaurant.  I hate chains, so I asked at the front-desk for a recommendation.  They sent me to a great place called the Abbey.  Steve and I together rarely take both girls out to dinner.  I can't even remember the last time that we did.  So this was a bit of a gamble.  We managed, but it wasn't great.  Mallory spilled her water.  Edee cried and wouldn't sit in her high chair.  We survived, but it wasn't as enjoyable as it could have been.  

We Skyped with Steve that evening.  The girls were already in their jammies.  Aren't they cute!?! 

Friday morning we headed to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.  We never give the girls juice, so the apple juice was quite the treat. Edee didn't want to eat her pancakes.  She just wanted juice! 

Quincy is right along the Mississippi River.  So before it got unbearably hot, we headed down there for a peek.  It was still hot and we didn't stay out there long. 

Then it was time to wear the girls out at the pool. 

Here is Mallory floating on her back.  :) 

Both girls did manage to take a nap before the wedding.  The rest of Steve's immediate family arrived and we followed them to the church.  The church was beautiful and the wedding was very nice.  Kind of funny going to a wedding where I had never met the bride or groom.  I had met the bride's parents on a few occasions, just never her! 

There was some time between the ceremony and the reception.  Here are my girls being silly in cousin Garrett's hotel room. 

Garrett and Edee hugging.  Sweet kiddos! 

The reception was at the hotel we were staying at....yeah!  Here's Edee with Grandpa at the reception.   

Garrett needed something to do during the anniversary dance.  So I got him to dance with Mallory (briefly).  Steve's parents tied with another couple as the longest married couples at the wedding.....47 years! 

Once I picked out my skirt and Mallory dress, which were both black and white, I found a black and white dress for Edee as well.  Our coordinating outfits were pretty cute! 

They had a photo booth at the wedding, which I had never seen before.  Each strip of 4 pictures were printed twice.  One for us to take home, and one for the bride and groom.  Pretty fun!  Actually that's what Mallory liked the best!  She went in 4 times!  And then she just played with all the dress-up stuff for awhile. 
There wasn't much dancing at the wedding.....well, except for Mallory and Edee.  Garrett really just liked to run around the dance floor.  They were the lives of the party.  I think I have some video.  It might be too dark to see it, but if it's good I'll post it.  

Saturday morning we woke up and went swimming again.  This time Garrett, Aunt Lori and Uncle Brian joined us.  Then Grandma and Grandpa watched along with the bride's mom.  It was a fun morning. 

Then it was time to get dressed for the brunch. Here are the cousins. 

The brunch was also held in our hotel, making it really easy for us.  The kids got a chance to run and play while the adults chatted.  It was actually good to wear Edee out before the drive home. 

The drive home was a bit more difficult.  She fell asleep before we left Illinois (and we were barely in IL).  She managed to stay asleep while I got gas, but then only slept about 45 minutes.  She was still good, so I shouldn't complain.  I would have just liked her to sleep longer.  We stopped in 1 town for a bathroom and ice cream break.  Then we had to stop again for another potty break for Mallory.  Then Mallory needed to go when we were about 15 minutes from home.  She said she couldn't wait.  I didn't want to have to get Edee out of her car seat again, so we stopped at my parents' house.  It was closer and I could leave Edee in the van. 

We had a great time!  I'm really glad that I decided to do it without Steve.  It was difficult, but we managed.  It was fun to see the kids play together.  Edee seemed to tag along better than 2 months ago when we were in St. Louis.  Thanks to Steve's family for helping me out by watching the kids, helping me load the van, etc.  They made it a bit easier. 

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