Friday, August 17, 2012

1 Month until 2 Years

Edee is almost 2!  Here's the 23 month update.  
  • She's talking a ton!  It sounds like she has too much saliva in her mouth a lot of the time.  I'll have to post a's hard to explain. 
  • I'm not hearing "I hungry" as much lately.  I think a new breakfast is helping.  I don't like how much sugar is in it, BUT it has fiber that is keeping her full. 
  • She's says a lot of funny things lately. 
    • As she was walking down the steps the other day, she said "Introducing Mallory Jane O'Neal!"   Do you think we introduce Mallory a lot?  Looks like we need to start introducing Edee so she knows her own name!  
    • When I asked her what her favorite animal at the zoo was she said...."Touch the bunny!"  She did not touch a bunny at the zoo.  That was a couple days earlier at the fair.  I guess she really liked touching that bunny!  
  • We have a book with English and Spanish animal names.  Edee thinks me saying the animals in Spanish is hysterical.  I took Spanish all through high school, so I'm pretty sure I'm not butchering the language.  She just thinks it's funny.  
  • She walks down the steps all the time now.  
  • She insists on having her hair done every morning.  And she always wants something special in a bow.  Good thing she has a plethora.  
  • Last night I watched her balance on her crib rail multiple times over the course of a few hours (through the video monitor).  She did not want to go to sleep.  At one point I swear I heard her say something about riding a horse!  Literally as I was typing this, she fell out!  She was fine.  Maybe she'll learn not to ride her crib rail, but I doubt it.  
  • This morning I was making Steve's lunch when Edee woke up for the day.  I could hear her, but I didn't pay much attention to the monitor.  I was almost done.  Then I walk upstairs to get her when I realize she's not in her crib.  She fell or climbed out!  She wasn't crying, she was just standing in her room.  Wow!  I hope this isn't a regular occurrence.  With how little sleep she got last night, you'd think she'd fall asleep easily for nap time today.  Nope.  She's rolling around in there now.  

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