Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Funky Mama Concert

I did a new hairstyle for Mallory this morning.  And Edee needed her hair done too.  She requested pigtails. 

Here's the milkmaid style braid on Mallory. 

This morning we headed to a Funky Mama concert.  We had not seen her perform since May. We purposely arrived a bit early to play in the jungle gym.  It was a bit too crowded for me though.

Papa came to concert too.  Here he is giving Edee a "Hi-5" of Funky Mama's songs. 

Edee was all smiles....most of the time. 

Here's Mallory dancing with Edee. 

After the concert, Mallory was running around with some friends.  And Edee got her picture taken with Funky Mama.  Edee really loves her!  Even if she still doesn't put the "n" in Funky.  :) 

A fun morning and both girls are napping.  Yeah!  So I'm working on birthday invitations.  :) 

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