Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Mallory!

Wow! Where has the time gone!?! Mallory turned 5 today! We started off with an apple donut with candles for breakfast. 

She did much better blowing the candles out this time around.  I think it only took 2 blows. 

She opened her present from us before Steve left for work.  Mallory was really sweet to Edee and let her help.

She got a pop up soccer goal.  So we took it out back and played this morning.  This picture cracks me up.  She kicks her leg so high!  I guess she's really a dancer at heart! :)

Her arms go up when she shoots too. 
Here she is pointing to the goal. 

Mallory is such a sweet, kind girl.  Here are some things I want to remember about Mallory at 5.
  • She is truly the best big sister to Edee.  She plays really well with her and helps to take care of her.  There are times when they "fight" over a toy.  But it's not a regular occurrence. 
  • She is starting to read.  It's fun to hear her sound words out.  She's doing really well.  
  • She still has not mastered riding her bike without training wheels.  We really need to devote more time to it.  
  • She starts soccer tomorrow....if it doesn't rain.  Be looking for a soccer blog soon.  
  • Her cartwheels are starting to look like actual cartwheels.  I need to get a video. 
  • She's already lost 1 tooth.  
  • Mallory had her 5 year check up on Tuesday.  She was 95% for height at 46 inches and 90% for weight.  She's going to tower over all the other kids next year in kindergarten.  I guess the positive is, hopefully she won't get bullied.  You don't bully the big kid.  
  • Her favorite toy, as of late, has been Uncle Chase's marble works.  She has been playing with it non-stop for days.  We haven't had it out for awhile, because of Edee.  But Edee doesn't put the marbles in her mouth it's like a new toy for Mallory. 

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Jen said...

Happy 5th Birthday Mallory!!