Sunday, August 12, 2012

JOCO Parade & Fair

Yesterday morning the whole family met my parents out in Gardner for the Johnson County Fair Parade.  My mom's cousin and daughter found us along the route and sat with us as well.  Here's Mallory waiting for the parade AKA candy getting to start.  

Edee didn't get into the parade until the end.  She didn't sleep great the night before, so that might have been the problem.  Here are the girls with Papa sitting in the shade. 

After the parade, we ate a picnic lunch in the park and headed to the fair grounds.  Here's Edee checking out a pig.  They were some big ones! 

There were some small grain silos with corn and wheat in them for the kiddos to play with.  Here's Edee shoveling some wheat. 

Mallory buried part of her legs with corn. 

Here's all three girls playing. 

Edee was afraid to climb up on the tractor.  So here's Summer with Mallory. 

Edee was apprehensive of all the animals.  The only one she touched was a bunny.  And she was very proud of herself.  She said...."I touched a bunny!"  Then she wanted a high five. 

It was a fun morning/early afternoon.  But we stayed longer than we should have.  Edee only napped the 25 minutes or so it took to get home.

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