Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nature Hike

We played hookie from church today to enjoy the beautiful weather.  We headed to Ernie Miller Nature Center for a morning hike. 

The little pond that we visited in the past, wasn't much of anything.  There was some water there....but not much.  But it did mean that Mallory and I could walk in what use to be the pond bed.  We saw a ton of little frogs.  Can you see the one here?!? 

My favorite picture of Steve and Mallory was from a visit to the OP Arboretum when she was little.  Here's a link to the blog post, if you're curious.  They got their picture taken on a bridge similar to this one.  We tried to recreate it with Edee included. 

Edee only had to be carried a little bit.  She did really well.  These steps were practically bigger than her! 

Edee found a tree her size and was hugging it.  Mallory then decided to hug the tree and Edee.  Sweet girls. 

The creek was pretty dry too.  But that didn't stop us from throwing rocks in the part that had some water.

Hey, look.  I went too. 
Beautiful, fun morning.  Now both girls are napping nicely.  Gave me enough time to make some applesauce with the apples from our tree.  Now I just need to can it tonight after they are back in bed. 

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