Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pump it Up

Today was Mallory's birthday party at Pump it Up.  Honestly, I had never been there before.  Papa has taken Mallory quite a few times.  And she LOVES the place!  So we decided to have her party there.  It actually turned out great!  The people that worked there were awesome.  They learned all the kids names and made it easy.  I was able to wander around and take pictures.

Here's Mallory going down the big slide.  

I took Edee down the big slide once.  And she enjoyed it.  So Steve took her again.  I love this picture.  Steve's got a big smile on his face and Edee has her tongue out.  

Do you think she's having fun!?!

Edee found a new friend in Lauren.  She kept looking out for Edee.

With the party, the kids got to go in a wind tunnel.  All of them tried to go in at first, but they didn't fit.  So they had to split them up into 2 groups.

Mallory said this was her favorite part of the party.  I think it was because it was new.  But she does look like she is having fun.  You can see her mouth wide open on the left.

Getting ready to head through the obstacle course.

This smaller slide was at the end of the obstacle course.  This picture cracks me up.

Before we left the play area the Pump it Up staff got the kiddos together for a group picture.  Aren't they cute!?!
front row:  Edee, Connor, Hannah, Mallory, Audrey, Breeauna, Janae
middle:  Molly, Jeremiah, Joseph, Gigi, Ian, Dree
back:  Lauren, Garrett, Lydia

Then the kiddos did a silly picture too.  They are pretty good at looking silly. 

Mallory was pretty shy about having everyone sing Happy Birthday to her.

It took her at least 4 tries to get all 5 candles out.  Maybe she was winded from all the playing?  Can you tell the Pump it Up staff arranged the cupcakes in the shape of an "M".  Literally, I hardly did anything.  It was nice.  

They have this great inflatable throne for the birthday child to open presents in.  But we asked for no gifts.  So the throne was just a play thing.

Mallory had a great day.  Actually I think all the kids had a great time.  It was a fun way to celebrate my little girl turning 5. 


The Howell Family said...

We definitely had a lot of fun today! Thanks for inviting us! Hope that Mallory has a great birthday this week! Can't believe that she is already five and can't wait to celebrate many birthdays with you guys in the future!


Jen said...

Wow! What a fun party!! That is fun to know that you guys ask for no presents as well. We do that every year as well. It doesn't always work... But we try. Happy Birthday Mallory!!