Sunday, June 26, 2016

Branson Day 3: Silver Dollar City

Mallory's dance troupe also performed at Silver Dollar City first thing Sunday morning.  Here's some of the dancers before heading to our performance location.

And here's a dance dad picture.  Some of them are even carrying their daughter's dance bags.

They did the same show as at the Haygoods, but without the costumes.  It was hard to get pictures, because they were in and out of the sunlight.

Then the girls changed clothes, found a locker for their dance shoes and we were off.  Our first stop was Thunderation, the easiest of their rollercoasters.  We had 3 adults and 3 dancers....although 1 dancer didn't have a parent.  It was fun!  We rode it twice without any wait!

Then we headed to the kiddie area to find Edee and my parents.  She had Papa on the Dumbo-type ride.

We found another friend, and the 4 girls rode some of the kiddie rides together.  Ainsley and Brooke are in front of Scarlett and Mallory.

Edee rode with Steve.

Here's Ainsley and Mallory on the elephants.

And Brooke and Mallory on the pirate ships.

This was the big swinging ship.  There were 2 friends of Mallory's on the other side that I was making faces to.  Of course Steve captured this lovely picture.  :)

Teacups with Mallory, Ainsley, Brooke and Scarlett.

Edee loves the big swing.  Mallory still won't even look at it!

4 balloon riding girls

We stumbled onto the dog in Fireman's Landing.  I love this progression of pictures with Scarlett and Mallory.

We found Edee's friend, Charlie, in Fireman's Landing.

Scarlett, Mallory and Lily

Ainsley, Lily, Scarlett, Mallory and Brooke

After riding Lost River of the Ozarks we ran into a group of bigger girls.  They were excited to see the "littles".

front:  Makenna, Jayden, Lauren
middle:  Brooke, Scarlett, Jadyn, Mallory, Charlie, Brenna, Edee, Karie
back:  Daisy, Riley, Nina, Lily, Stephine, Aimee, Ainsley

Mallory calls Jadyn her little. She's going to be a freshman in high school and she's about the same height as Mallory.  :)

Our next stop was Tom & Huck's soaking wet ride.  Seriously wet!  People on the side spray you while you spray back.  Too bad the people not on the ride have the ability to move their guns more.  I got soaked!  Then these 2 little ones wanted to shoot more people.

They were WET!  And loving every minute of it!

After that we split up from the dance group.  Some wanted to go on rides Mallory didn't want and others were heading home.  So we headed to ride the train.  And this is the look I got while waiting for the train.  Huh!?!?

After riding some more rides, we ended back in the kiddie area.

The day was great!  It was hot, but not horrible.  The best part was that there was no one there!  We asked if that was normal for Sundays and were told that it was.  Remember this for the future!  We didn't wait for any rides more than a few minutes.

The girls decided it was time to leave around 4ish.  My parents took them back to their cottage and Steve and I stayed to ride the other roller coasters.  Again, we didn't really have to wait.  It was great!  We didn't last too much longer though.  We decided we must be getting old, because we were worn out too.  We did ride all 3 of the wilder coasters and one we rode twice.