Friday, June 10, 2016

Second Kids Camp--Day #5

The final day started off rough!  We had a few boys in our group that were a bit wild.  They aren't kids that go to our church.  They actually all go to the same Catholic school nearby.  Anyway, they weren't horrible all week.  But this morning they were bad!  You know it's a problem when one of them punches another one on 2 different occasions.  Yikes!

Luckily the worst of it didn't last too long.  We got outside and play sprout tag.  It's a form of dodgeball where every player is for themselves.  It was fun!  I got to play along and throw balls at the boys that were acting up this morning.  :)

The treat at water time was popsciles today.  Check them all out waiting patiently.


At the end of the day the campers got awards and their camp shirts.  Mallory's award was for being wise, kind and participating during morning watch.  :)

A group picture of the Green Shamrock Slitheens.

front:  Mia, Margo, Faye, Julianna, Evie, Tatum and Mallory (missing Lauryn) 
back:  Madeleine, Jack J, Teddy, Duhn, Beckley, Will and Mateo (missing Jack M.) 

Silly picture

Doing the dab

Mallory and her Heartland counselor, Madeleine.

Even though today was rough, it was a great week!  Glad it's over, but really glad it happened.  Now to bed....even before the sun.  :)

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