Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Federal Reserve Bank

Mallory is leaving this evening for Heartland, for her first overnight camp without me.  But Steve has an audit committee meeting and won't be able to go with us.  So we decided to eat lunch with him at work.  We brought out lunches and ate in his new office.  The 8th floor is a pretty neat view.  

After lunch and meeting some folks around the office, we went to the Money Museum.  I didn't bring my camera, because with all the security I wasn't sure I could even bring it in.  Steve took a picture of the girls with their faces peaking through some money.  

Then we got to see employees processing cash.  I've been to the museum a few times before and don't remember ever seeing the vault open.  But it was today!  It was really neat to see all that cash and the robots that move it around.  

Then the girls both got to design their own money.  Here are the finished products!  

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