Friday, July 8, 2016

Girl Scout Day Camp - Day #3

Mallory was well enough to come along for day 3.  Yeah!  And I got a troop picture (minus Emily who didn't come on Friday).

Front: Brooklyn, Amy, Lauren S, Jayden, Zadie
Back: Addie, Rylee, Kelsey, Lauren H, April, Mallory, Ella

Mallory front and center in all the silliness.

The adult leaders would knight people or groups of people everyday for good deeds.  And Friday morning I was called up to be knighted.  Sneakers said I was knighted for bringing camp to parents who cannot attend through pictures that I post on Facebook.  And I was knighted for coming to camp when I had a sick kid at home.  She said I was just an awesome mom...or something like that.  It was really nice.  Because I was knighted my unit got to receive the shield and sword.  These were hidden throughout camp and found by other groups.  Just for fun.  Our girls enjoyed having them and carrying them so much, it took us awhile to hid them.  :)

The best part about Friday was that Mallory got to join another group and zipline!  Here she is with her harness and hair net.

Here's the full gear!

And because we were suppose to be somewhere else, they let her go first.  Here she is climbing up a rope ladder.
Getting hooked in.

And off she goes!

She loved it!

Then we headed to meet our group at cooking.  And they had found a snake.  He was hidden under a bench, but I got a picture of him.

After a lovely dinner, the girls got to wash their dishes.

Yep, we still have the sword and shield.  Check out these expressions.

We ran into Blossom, our neighbor Ginger.  She's a teen leader.

Then it was time for fishing.  The fish weren't biting.  Our group only caught one.

Then it was off to Alchemy.  They had to use chemistry to figure out a mystery mixture. They added iodine, water or vinegar to it to see how the powdered mixture reacted.

Some of my unit with our teen leader, Ally Cat.

Friday evening is for troop camping.  8 of my 13 girls that came to day camp, decided to stay overnight.  Here's Zadie and Mallory at the campfire.

A troop leader brought glow bracelets to share with us.  This is Mallory being silly.

We had a great time around the campfire.  We stayed with another group of 2nd grade Brownies from Hope Lutheran.  And we also stayed with the oldest teens.  They taught some campsite safety, led songs and did a few skits for us.  Then we had s'mores.  Finally the did some magic for us with the fire.  They used different substances that changed the color of the fire.  It was really neat.

Then it was off to bed.  Mallory decided she wanted some independence, so she slept in a permatent with a different mom.  I had Rylee, Kelsey and April in my permatent.  I think I got the talkers.  :)  They were super giggly and we didn't even try to get to sleep until almost midnight.  I had to threaten them.  :)  But we manged.  I did not sleep again.  And it wasn't because of bugs or heat.  It was really very pleasant conditions to sleep in.  I really need to figure it out if I plan on taking my girls camping for more than one night.

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