Sunday, July 17, 2016

Joseph at Theatre in the Park

A girl from the girls' dance studio was in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat that Theatre in the Park.  So we planned a family night out to see it.  We arrived before the gates opened and there were already a lot of people waiting.  We still got decent seats.

We ate our picnic dinner and then found shade to hang out in.  It was hot!  Steve and Mallory played frisbee, while Edee and I colored with sidewalk chalk.

A little girl came over with these pitiful eyes, wanting to draw with Edee.  So Edee made a couple new friends that joined in the coloring fun.

The show doesn't start until 8:30, when it's getting dark.  And Edee is normally in bed around 7.  So she was already tired before the show started.

Pretty sure her eyes were closed in this picture.

She made it through the first half....this picture was at intermission.

She loves stars, planets, anything space.  She's really been joying Ready Jet Go on PBS.  She spits off space facts that she's learned on the show all the time.  So she was really excited to see some stars and planets.

Brenna had a fairly large part for a kid, one of the narrators.  She did great.  Here she is singing next to Joseph.

The show was really great....especially for community theater.  It was a fun family night out.

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