Thursday, July 28, 2016

Topeka Zoo

We decided at the last minute to visit the Topeka Zoo today.  Thursdays are a good day for my parents busy retired lives, so we invited them along.  I love that they were game for this picture!

Neatest thing I saw today was this mamma orangutan coloring with what appears to be sidewalk chalk.  She's coloring on the inside of a box.  And you could see her work!  Crazy!

This little jeep has moved around a few times, but they always seem to get their picture in it.

This tiger was really active today.  It was fun to see him get into the water.  Too bad the tiger cubs have grown up.  They were big and napping vs. little and playful the last time we saw them.

Edee didn't want to go in the Tropics dome.  She was scared of bats.  I honestly don't remember seeing big bats in there before.

But we did today!  This guy was huge!  Good thing Edee didn't see him.

This lorikeet just took a bath.  I love the ruffled feathers!

A little playtime before a summer camp group came and took over.

I love this picture of Edee and Papa!

Mallory loves wearing my old hat!

A new butterfly pavilion opened in June and it was great!  They had a lot of butterflies!

The black bears were up in the tree!

After a picnic in Gage Park the girls played a little.

And then we rode the train.  It was really like a roller coaster!  :)

Then the girls played more in Animal Land.

We decided to stop for ice cream in Lawrence at Sylas and Maddy's.  It was my parents first time there and they loved it!  Both girls tried something new.  Mallory got s'mores and Edee got Mallory's old favorite....cookie monster.

It was a great day!

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