Tuesday, August 16, 2016

First day of Kindergarten!

Edee has been SO excited for the first day of kindergarten!  I had to help with the Boo-Hoo / Woo-Hoo event this morning.  It's just coffee and treats for kindergarten parents put on by PTA.  The parents can either cry or celebrate their kindergartner starting school.  So I was in the shower early this morning.  And Edee comes in with a kleenex on her tooth.  She said it was bleeding.  I was thinking....oh, fun!  You get to lose your tooth at school and get that awesome tooth necklace that your sister coveted so badly in kindergarten.  Originally I couldn't find the blog post, but I looked again and found it.  Here's the story of Mallory's tooth in kindergarten!  

Anyway, Edee's tooth was just bleeding.  So she left.  She came back in not 2 minutes later to tell me that she pulled it out!  Crazy start to the first day of kindergarten!

So I left early to set up and Steve took these pictures of our big girl.

She was really excited to finally get to school!  Check out that smile!  Benninghoven's mascot is a knight.  And he's a construction knight this year as our new school is being built.

The kids had to wait until 8:00 to go into their classroom.  So Mallory found her friend Addison.  And there happened to be other friends around too.

This is Addyson, Addison, Piper, Edee and Langley

Then we got to take her to her classroom.  She put her bag up and got a name tag.  I think she's ready.

Then Steve and I went to enjoy the Boo-Hoo / Woo-Hoo treats.  I was okay, for the most part.  I was still "working".  Maybe that's why I didn't lose it.  After the event, I cleaned up all the goodies.  And then Edee was in line waiting to use the restroom and get a drink.  She jumped out of line and gave me a big hug!  This was as I was leaving the school.  Good thing too.  Because I lost it when I got into my van.  I cried the whole way home.  Good thing there was a Jazzercise class starting soon.  I changed clothes and headed there.  I danced my funk away.  I can't wait to hear all about her adventures when I pick them up soon.

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