Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday, Mallory!

Mallory's 9th birthday fell on her first Girl Scout meeting of the year.  Here she is before school.  Not sure what the gang signs are.

She wanted tie-dye cupcakes.  I think the icing turned out great!  That's the primary colors piped in 1 large bag together.  Cool!

She had just enough cupcakes for her class, so she requested pecan pie to have after dinner.

My parents came over and enjoyed the tacos I made.  Then Mallory opened presents from us and my parents.

Edee loved throwing tissue paper and wrapping paper!  Check out that gap.  That's only 1 tooth missing.

Edee got an early birthday present to Odd Squad Live.  They both got tickets, so Edee got to open her's early.  She's really excited!  

Wearing wrapping paper as a poncho.

This has become a tradition.....putting all the wrapping paper and tissue paper in a box to dump on top of someone.

They both got in on the fun!

Here's my big girl.

She's full of hot air...those candles didn't stand a chance.

Happy birthday, Mallory!

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