Wednesday, August 3, 2016

KidScape & BFG

Edee's one request today was to head to KidScape, a free exhibit at the JOCO Museum.  She's getting to the point where she's almost too big for it.  Mallory really is, but she still enjoyed playing with the little kids.

After lunch, I took Edee to my parents.  Mallory and I wanted to see the BFG movie.  We had both read the book and knew that Edee couldn't handle the scary giants, so she got to hang with Nana and Papa.  It's only been out a month and a half and it was only playing at 3 theaters around town.  We went to the one closest to us, but I was so disappointed.  The theater was small, the chairs weren't comfortable and the ticket prices were more expensive.  Luckily we both enjoyed the movie.

The girls and I went to the dentist yesterday.  Edee has 2 more loose teeth!  My goodness...she's going to have none left to chew.  She requested a picture of her drinking out of the straw through the hole where one of her top teeth was.

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