Friday, August 5, 2016

Peaches & Fair

We were really disappointed when we learned that Gieringers was not doing you-pick peaches this year.  I guess they had a frost and lost about 1/2 their crop.  So they are picking and selling the peaches at farmer's markets and their own market store.  We headed to their market and picked some up before heading to the Johnson County Fair in Gardner.

Mallory loves to do whatever the statue/decoration is doing. She's silly!

We went around looking at all the animals at the fair.  It's funny to look around at all the people.  We are some of the few city or suburban folks there.  Most of the others there are in 4H and showing their animals.

We really liked this chicken with her crazy hair!

Someone had their horse out letting kids pet it.  Edee was excited!

I have a picture like this from two years ago here.  Check it out.

This year they played in soybeans.  And there were some wild boys throwing it.  I ended up with one down my shirt and I wasn't even in the box.

Mallory ended up with one in her ear.  Look at the expression on her face!

It sprinkled a bit, but I'm glad we didn't let that stop us.  It was a lovely morning.

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