Friday, September 23, 2016

American Royal Field Trip

Mallory's first field trip of the year was to the American Royal.  We got dressed up.  Luckily I remembered Edee was a cowgirl at her last dance recital.  So Mallory got to borrow the red hat.  So cute!

I just wore my Camp Daisy Hindman t-shirt with a horse on it.  I did wear my belt buckle that I use to wear dancing every Sunday night in high school.  But I didn't tuck my shirt you really couldn't see it.  Mallory wanted me to wear my hair this way.  I wasn't a huge fan, but I did it for her.  :)

This is April, Migel and Mallory before heading into the AR.

The first part of the field trip was a lot of different farm demonstrations.  This guy was telling them all about the horse.

There were a few petting zoo areas.

This is some of Mallory's class on some farm equipment.

Mallory and Ella watching a sheep dog herd sheep.

After the morning in the farm demo, we headed to the youth rodeo.  We ate sack lunches in the stands and watched the youth compete.  They did everything from calf roping, bull riding, barrel racing, etc.  And they were very serious about it!

These boots belong to a few of my girl scouts...Jillian, Emily and Jayden.  So cute!

Mallory's class again as we were waiting for the bus to head back to school.

What a fun field trip!!

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