Sunday, September 18, 2016

Royals game!

To finish off an already busy weekend, Steve got us discounted tickets to the Royals game through his work.  We hadn't been all we couldn't pass it up.  We assumed the weather would be cooler in September....nope.

Here's Edee enjoying a frozen lemonade.

 It was Star Wars Day at the K.

I was actually pretty grumpy through part of the game.  I know I'm not the smallest of folks, but it was a hot day and I was sitting next to someone that took up some of my space.  It was just not fun.  The Royals were winning, Edee was whining because she was hot and bored.  So we decided to walk around a bit.

We headed to the outfield behind the fountains.  We actually watched at least 2 full innings from there.  The girls weren't complaining about standing.  And I was much more comfortable with my own space.

In the 6th inning, we saw Kendrys Morales hit a homerun into the fountains right in front of us.  So cool!  Then the fountains went off like this.....

We left early.  But the Royals ended up beating the White Sox 10-3.

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