Sunday, October 23, 2016

Girl Scout Climbing

I took 9 of my Brownies climbing today at Camp Prairie Schooner.  This was a brand new activity for us and my girls were excited!  Here they are stretching before they start climbing.

Mallory and Jayden with their harnesses on.

Hairnets on....getting ready to get some helmets.

40 foot high climbing looks pretty big here.

Mallory's first attempt.  Each girl got 3 tries on the wall.

I think this was her second attempt.  Hard to keep track with the 100+ pictures and video I took.

My strong, brave Brownies....Rylee, Lauren S, Amy, Emily, April, Lauren H, Mallory, Jayden, Morgan

I always have to promise a silly picture in order to get them to cooperate for a serious one.

We had a great time!  I had 5 girls (and no other adult) in my van on the way home, when one of the girls said she didn't feel good.  I was changing lanes anticipating getting off the highway when she said she thought she was going to throw up.  I reached to grab a reusable grocery back behind my seat to have the middle row girls pass it back.  Too bad they were grossed out and it didn't reach its destination in time.  She puked all over my van.

I got off the highway and had the girls get out while I cleaned it up.  I called the other car to come and get the girl that was sitting in the middle seat right next to her.  Luckily there was room to do that.

Lesson learned....barf bags in every seat pocket of the van.  Luckily she made it home the rest of the way without incident.  Not sure what badge it is that I earned, but I earned one.

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