Sunday, October 9, 2016

Girl Scouts at the Nelson

My Brownie troupe went to the Nelson today for a painting workshop.  It fulfilled 2 requirements of the Painting Badge that we are working on.  And it was just fun!  First we started in a studio where they got to paint a landscape.

Then the sketched some items outside that they could add to their painting.

Next they got to look at some paintings inside and sketch some more inspiration.

Then they went back inside and added items to their paintings.  When the workshop was over, we headed outside on this beautiful day for a snack and a little play.

We visited the glass maze and ran around on the grounds.

Jayden, Rylee, Amy, Addie, Morgan, Lauren S, Maggie, Mallory, Brooklyn, Lauren H, Jillian Zadie

 It was a fun afternoon!

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