Thursday, October 13, 2016


Walkathon was suppose to be last week, but it rained.  And today we have colder weather.  Many PTA exec (which I'm on this year as treasurer) took off last week for the event.  And they couldn't taken off this week.  So I was there hustling my tail off to get everything done....refilling the water jug, getting popsicles for the kids, collecting trash, etc.

It was fun to see the kids though.  Here's Mallory with Jack, Ella and Brooklyn.  Ella wasn't too happy about a disruption in her normal schedule.

Edee looked adorable with no teeth, stocking hat and mittens on.

Here she is with Frankie, one of her friends that she towers over.

This picture cracks me up.  Most kids ended up ditching their jackets.  But Edee still has mittens and hat on while eating a popsicle.  This is her friend Addyson with her.

It's an easy fundraiser for school.  And the kids get a little additional exercise.

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