Sunday, November 6, 2016

Brownie Book Club #3

I'm so excited that my 3rd grade Girl Scouts continue to want to do Brownie Book Club.  I was worried we'd do it once or twice and they'd think it's lame.  But they might love it as much as me!

For our third installment, we met at Emily's house.  It was a nice day, so they played outside until everyone came.

Then we got down to discussing El Deafo, a 2016-2017 William Allen White nominee.  It's the first graphic novel (AKA comic book) that I've read.  And I really enjoyed it.  It's about a girl that losing her hearing at age 4.  And it went along perfectly with our Senses badge!

The girls loved discussing and answering my questions.  It was great!  Here are 11 (of my 16) girls that came.  The rule is that you can't come unless you've read the book.  So I think that's a pretty great turn-out!  They want to pick the next book.  So I have to bring suggestions to our next meeting!  I'm still just so excited that this is continuing!

front row: Maggie, Jillian, Lauren S, Mallory
back row:  Emily, Ella, Lauren H, Amy, Rylee, Kelsey and Zadie

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