Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend!

This year my mom hosted Thanksgiving at her house.  Audrey and her cousin, Chloe, came along.

Edee loves playing with my mom's adding machine.  She makes "tickets" with the tape.

I was too busy visiting to take pictures.  Oops.  My brother and his wife drove in from Detroit.  On Friday they invited us to a rock climbing gym in North KC.  They rock climb at least a couple times of week.  Edee wasn't feeling well, so Steve stayed home with her.  Mallory and I were up for the challenge.

Here's Mallory on her first climb.  She did great and made it all the way up with Deanna belaying her.  I went up quickly on my first climb.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  And I didn't embarrass myself.  But I realized later that my first climb was probably my best, because I wasn't worn out yet.  :)

Mallory really showed perseverance.  She might fall off the holds, but Deanna was always holding her up.  She'd just start right back up again.  It was great!

She also tried bouldering.  It's climbing without ropes.  There's a cushier mat below and you can't climb as high.

She was pretty proud of herself for making it over the top!

While we were gone, Steve and Edee set up the slot racers.  Mallory jumped in when we got home.

Saturday I got up early to head to the K-State vs. KU football game.  My dad picked me up at 6:30 for the 11am start time.  Here's a fun sibling picture!

Chase, Deanna and I sat in the 2nd to the last row.  But they were great seats!  I still can't believe how big the band is now!

The Wildcats won and Bill Snyder got his 200th career win!  It was great!

It was really fun to get to see hang out with my brother and SIL all day Saturday!

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