Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

We started Christmas Eve off at my parents' house with presents.  Here are my girls with my sister, Tina.

I seem to always buy my dad K-State sweatshirts.  This one I loved so much, I bought one for myself too.  :)

Mallory got an awesome gift from my brother Chase and his wife, Deanna.  It's a golden snitch from Harry Potter along with her initial on a necklace.  It's so cool!

Edee is obsessed with her new fan!  She loves one that my parents have.  Now she has one to bring home!

Then it was off to my grandma's house for Christmas with my dad's family.  Here are the young girls.  Edee (6), Ellianna (almost 9), Hailey (6 1/2), Mallory (9).

Sweet picture of Edee and Aunt Tina.

Hey look!  I was there too!  One of the rare moments when I'm not behind the camera.

It was a lovely evening with family.

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