Friday, December 2, 2016

Journey to Bethlehem

Every 1st Friday and Saturday night in December our church puts on a walk through drama called the Journey to Bethlehem.  I've been in the cast once before in the 14 or so years we've been going to our church.  I always make cookies, but that's really been the extent of my involvement.  This year we decided to participate.  Edee and I were merchants in the marketplace in Jerusalem and Mallory was a dancer in the marketplace.  Steve was just flying in from Dallas and came later to walk through.

We could only participate Friday night, because Mallory has a dance performance on Saturday.

Here's dancer Mallory with merchants Genevieve and Edee.

Mallory danced with 2 high school girls.  She had a blast!

Edee never would wear anything on her head.  But she was still a cute merchant!

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