Friday, December 16, 2016

Misc. December

Edee got Benny again this week.  And it was holiday fun week at dance, so she didn't have to wear her class leotard.  If you can see her hair, it's in about 7 little braids.  Not sure why she wanted it kinky, but she did.  So Monday's hair was braids.

Mallory wanted the same thing too.  So this is Tuesday's hair.  I think Edee had 7 braids, to Mallory's 13.  :)

Today Steve was a Watch DOGS (Dads of Great Students) in Edee's class.  She was SO excited!

Mallory was a bit jealous!

Steve got to hang out in Edee's classroom all morning and help.  He got to see the crazy boys in her class for himself.  I see them all the time volunteering in library and in the classroom.  He's only heard about them from Edee and I.  I took Planet Sub up for them for lunch.

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