Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Science City

Steve has the whole week off between Christmas and New Year's.  We spent the 26th taking down Christmas decorations, painting the volcano, etc.  We didn't wait for Epiphany around here.

Then today we headed to Union Station and Science City.  I love this picture of me and my girls!

Mallory thought the nutcrackers were pretty neat.

These were so tiny, the girls both had to squat down to get their heads in the openings.

Science City opened at 10am and we were almost the first ones in.  I knew the sky bike gets crowded and Mallory couldn't ride it the last time we were there.  So that's where we headed first.  She was the 2nd one on it.

It's 30 feet up in the air!

Edee was afraid of everything today.  She didn't like this helicopter.  It was too loud!

She did like this "hamster wheel."  She was suppose to use her movement to create energy.

The water area was really neat.  It was really crowded there later, so we chose wisely playing here early too.

Color wall fun!

This is the other area that scared Edee.  It was Mr. E's hotel.  There were all sorts of odd things.  But we really didn't explore too much after Edee got freaked out by a skeleton.  They did enjoy the table with just their heads on it.

There is a new genetics area.  Parts of it were too much reading and too old for our girls.  But we did read about Mary, who goes to our church.  She has Down's.  It was pretty neat to see a big picture up about her!

Next we headed to the train area.  The girls played some in the engine.  About this time was when I was getting annoyed by the other kids and some parents.  :)

I got this cute picture of Edee on our way out.

We had a great time!  Thanks to Aunt Tina and Uncle Brian for the passes.  They were birthday presents for the girls back in September.  Awesome gift!

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