Friday, December 23, 2016

Winter Break Begins!

The girls had a half day of school on Wednesday.  So we met Papa at the movies to see Sing!  It was cute and a fun way to start Christmas break.

Thursday morning we headed to Jazzercise, because the littles that the girls played with all summer were going to be there.  They were most excited to see Isaac.  He really is a cute little guy!  And they were so excited to see him, among others!

Thursday afternoon my parents used some passes the girls got and took them to Matt Ross Community Center to go swimming.  I really wanted Edee to get some practice before we head on our trip in late January.  I guess she did great!  Although she took off from the edge, going backwards, and smashed into Mallory giving her a bloody nose.  Oops!  They stayed the night at my parents house on that evening.

While they were gone, I got a lot of baking done.  I made these pecan topped cinnamon rolls.  This is the bottom.

Here's the top!  These are for Christmas morning.  Yum!

The other 2 are gifts.  And the cinnamon bread are also gifts.  These weren't nearly as pretty as they are suppose to be, but they still taste good!

I did more baking Friday and cookie decorating, but didn't take any pictures.  :)

Friday night we went to Sar Ko Trails Park to see the Christmas lights.  It was lovely.  And the weather wasn't horrible, so we were able to walk all the way around the lake/pond.  Here are the pictures!

Lovely start to the Christmas weekend!

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