Saturday, December 3, 2016

Yule Log Hunt

This Girl Scout event is one of our favorites.  And this year was the first year I got to do it twice in one day!  2 troops = twice the fun.  Up first were my Brownies.  This year we made an El Deafo log.  El Deafo is a character of the book we read for Brownie Book Club.  I think it turned out great!

An older troop hides the log in Antioch Park and we are given clues to find it.  Here's the gang that made it that day!

We found our log in the bank.

We found it quickly, so we had some time to play a bit.

Then after a short break, it was time for my Daisies. We did a Hello Kitty log.  It didn't turn out as great, but the girls still loved it!

Here's some of them looking at our clue.

Playing around in one of the jails.

We found our log!

Then we take the log to the fire to be burned.  The girls were too attached to put Hello Kitty in the fire.  But she was easily removed and the log went in the fire.  Here the girls are learning fire safety.  It was our first time having s'mores as a troop!

It was a great afternoon!  And the weather was great.  Not too cold, but you still wanted hot chocolate.

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