Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day #2: beach & water park

After breakfast at Bayside (a buffet, which always made me think of Saved by the Bell), we headed to the beach!  We had our butler set up a cabana on the beach for us.  We arrived to towel art, reserved signs on chairs, and a stocked cooler.

My family enjoys tailgate-type games.  I think my brother found this sand version of a tailgate-type game.  It was a hit...even with the Beaches employees.

Steve and I took Edee out on a kayak.  She enjoyed the ride.

The girls got buried in the sand.

Edee's was turned into a mermaid tail.

More sand hole.

The girls and I made a caterpillar.  Steve added the long grass antennae.

One of the perks of butler service, the delivery of snacks to the beach.  It was perfect timing.

Notice the beer in Steve's hand, while he's helping Edee catch a wave with the boogie board.  According to the beer drinkers, the beer in TCI was much better than the Red Stripe in Jamaica.  This beer was from a brewery called Turk's Head.  I stuck to the frozen, fruity drinks.

We ate pizza for lunch at Dino's, which was decent wood-fired pizza.

While we were at lunch, we saw Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar.  Mallory was excited to get her picture with them.  Back in Jamaica, she was scared of the characters.

After lunch we headed to the water park.  They have 3 big slides, a kid's play area, a lazy river, 2 smaller slides and a wave simulator.  This red tube slide was fun!

This small slide only took about 2 seconds to get down.  It shot you out fast!  I'm amazed I got this picture of Mallory, instead of just a splash!

If you could find a double tube, you could ride double.

Edee stuck to the play areas and the lazy river.

Mallory received a waterproof camera for Christmas.  It was used a lot!  Too bad we didn't realize the date stamp was on the pictures and it was wrong.  Oops.

There was a kid swim-up bar, meaning no alcohol.  The girls got frozen, fruity drinks here.

Here's Mallory in the lazy river.

This is the view of the big slides from the lazy river.

This is the view of the big slides and the lazy river from a castle in the kids' play area.

There are a lot of lizards on the property.  These we found on our way back from the water park.

Quick rest in a hammock before heading home.

When we arrived home, the butler had made snakes to guard our house.  There was one on each railing.  They were awesome!  And a lot of other resort guests would stop and take their pictures.

After showering and before dinner.....I took a few pictures from our 3rd floor balcony.

Here's the girls in front of our villa.  The second story deck is off our room.  And you can see both snakes in this picture.

Our butler got our picture before heading to dinner.

We ate dinner at Neptune's, and it was delicious!  Most of us had some sort of seafood.  I had salmon.  Yum!  While at dinner, the sun was setting.  So I stepped away from the table a minute to get another sunset picture.

Another beautiful, fun-filled day!

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